You are responsible for then cleanliness of your rental property when you decide to leave your tenancy agreement. If your apartment or other rental residence isn’t clean when you leave, you won’t get back your full bond deposit as the landlord can deduct cleaning costs if the property has to be cleaned when you have left. Often now, as part of your tenancy agreement, carpets are required to be cleaned. It is worth checking before departure.

Who to Hire?

It’s a good idea to hire a carpet cleaning company that specialises in hot water extraction and steam cleaning to get the carpets as clean as possible. You could rent a carpet machine yourself but this won’t get the carpets as clean as a professional machine and you may find it impossible to remove some satins without professional chemicals.

Ask Questions

You should ensure that you ask a lot of questions before you hire a service to clean your carpets prior to the end of your tenancy. Questions to ask are:

  • How is the cleaning done?
  • What results can I expect to see after the carpets are cleaned?
  • What is your guarantee?
  • Can I see some references?
  • How long have you been in business using hot water extraction to clean carpets?
  • Will I get a full invoice to dhow the landlord?

What to Expect

During the cleaning operation hot water is sprayed onto the carpets to remove dirt, grime, allergen and other substances, which have ground into your carpets over time giving the carpet a dull appearance. The cleaning process helps the carpets last longer and it saves the landlord time because they can quickly turn around and rent the residence again once you are gone as the carpets are nice and clean. In most tenancy agreements you’re responsible for the cleanliness of the carpets after you leave the tenancy agreement so ensure that they are as clean as possible by using steam cleaning and hot water extraction.

Use Professional Tools

A good carpet cleaning company uses the professional tools needed to ensure the carpets are as clean as possible. If you have heavy stains and ground in areas where there has been high traffic this is difficult to clean on your own with a hire machine. Often when leaving your tenancy you will have to produce an invoice from a bona fide carpet cleaning company for proof that the carpets have been cleaned by a professional outfit.